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Payne & Company Accounting, Healthcare Services

Current disruption within the healthcare industry is forcing healthcare companies to rethink every area of their business.  Our experience in the healthcare industry means we can be your expert in all things financial so you can focus on providing the best care to your patients.


We want to be your partner in this new healthcare climate.  Whether you want help analyzing your current financial procedures for efficiency or want to discuss a possible merger/acquisition of another practice, let us come along side you minimize your business risk.

We can help you make a strategic plan to meet new challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.   

Let’s discuss emerging technologies like analytics, artificial intelligence and automation that can bring greater efficiency to the revenue cycle and other functions.


We have the critical ability to leverage our business acumen and educate healthcare professionals in ways to improve performance and therefore patient satisfaction and profitability.   We can look through the lens of the consumer and purchaser and bring value to your business by increasing quality and decreasing total cost of care.

Payne & Company Accounting, Heathcare Services

Services Offered:

  • Provide all financial and fiscal management aspects of company operations, which includes monitoring, analyzing and directing the administrative and fiscal functions of the practice.

  • Manage accounting, budget management, purchasing, financial, compliance auditing and financial reporting to regulatory agencies and committees of the practice.

  • Oversee or provide the accounting functions and assure that the company is following GAAP rules as well maintaining performance measures in accounting.


  • Develop and implement finance, accounting, billing and auditing procedures while establishing and maintaining appropriate internal control safeguards.

  • Interact with other stakeholders to provide consultative support to planning initiatives through financial and management information analyses, reports and recommendations.

Our Healthcare Accounting Services are designed for small and medium sized companies who need professional financial management at a cost that is far lower than hiring a full-time CFO or controller.

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